Look at my beautiful laptop, guys!

Trades from omegacon and matsuricon

My table at matsuricon

My cat missed me while i was in ohio at matsuri


Finally sold out of zuko and sokka magnets. Almost out of aang (1 more), toph and katara (3 more).

Soon, i will be redrawing them. Probably in fire nation outfits.

First commission at matsuricon in Columbus

so i got a job at the maryland ren faire! 

so i’ll be there either in a mask booth over by the jousting arena and medical area, or i’ll be at one of the carts in the central area. 

you should come and see me fail at a european accent. 

to my followers: all 2 of you

lol j/k it’s more like exactly 87. 

anyway, i wanted to get to know some of my followers better! you should send me an ask and tell me a little about yourself and if we’ve met, (like at a con) tell me where! 

As a reminder, for those who are interested, my personal blog is telmrow.tumblr.com

Trying to write a post about Ferguson but i dont know what to say.

This is so bad.

My table and some commissions at omega.

Next week, i will be at matsuricon in Columbus ohio