this year we got three lady rats as pets

my mom was a little anxious about it but now

*mom watching documentary about the black plague*

suddenly i hear

mom: SURE! blame the rats! >:C 

also she just went to bed and said good night to the ratties

there’s this woman i work with and she’s really nice but she’s always giving me pointers on how to sell things better and do this and that better… and i just want to tell her to shut the fuck up most of the time. but then i feel bad. 

I Got Sick at Work

i’ve been working at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and it rained this weekend. i was already kinda sick but it got a lot worse after i had to work in the rain and then got almost no sleep that night :C

my mom made me tea, though. she’s so nice when i’m sick. 

Renaissance faire

So tomorrow i start my first day working at the maryland renaissance faire! If you go, come say hi! Im working in the leather mask booth by the first aid building and jousting arena.

Look at my beautiful laptop, guys!

Trades from omegacon and matsuricon

My table at matsuricon

My cat missed me while i was in ohio at matsuri


Finally sold out of zuko and sokka magnets. Almost out of aang (1 more), toph and katara (3 more).

Soon, i will be redrawing them. Probably in fire nation outfits.

First commission at matsuricon in Columbus

so i got a job at the maryland ren faire! 

so i’ll be there either in a mask booth over by the jousting arena and medical area, or i’ll be at one of the carts in the central area. 

you should come and see me fail at a european accent.